Besides downhill mountain biking, I also provide skills training for both downhill and cross country riders at almost any level. So if you would like to improve things such as:
    • Cornering
    • Jumping
    • Carrying speed
    • Rough sections
    • High speed
    • Braking
    • Bike setup
    • Line choice
AND MORE Don't hesitate to contact me!

Cost for a rider per



Single one on one session

Double one on one session

Single group session

Double group session

1.5h - 2h

3.5h - 4h

1.5h - 2h

3.5h - 4h

R 300.00

R 500.00

R 200.00

R 350.00

Prices can vary depending on the amount of sessions required and the type of rider. And also a shuttle can be arranged for an extra cost.

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